About Us

Homerun exists for one simple purpose: to help first-time buyers.

Many people up and down the UK (including us) would like to buy their first home. Unfortunately, the process can seem long, challenging and too often complex. There are many different people involved, a lot of financial complexities and sometimes even conflicting advice on what to do.

That's where we come in!

Our mission is to help anyone who wants to buy their first home understand how they can do it. We break down the whole process from start to finish, making it easier to get going now.

If you've ever wondered how much you need to save each month for a deposit, what sized mortgage you can get or where is most affordable to live, Homerun is the solution for you.

Best of all, we're completely free! (And no we don't sell your data.)

Sign up today to begin your journey as a first-time buyer!

After all, it's never too early to start.

Team Homerun

Samuel Gibbs

CEO & Co-Founder

Karuna Govind

CTO & Co-Founder